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Our travels with Charlie

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I Love Yussi (you-see)

There's nothing you could say To tear me away from my guy There's nothing you could do 'Cause I'm stuck like glue to my guy I'm stickin'...

Charlie Goes Camping: the Sequel

Lots of room in which to run around, to dig holes, and to get lost: check. Abundant wildlife to hunt such as birds in bushes, squirrels...

Woofy Woof wtf

Hey, it's me, Charlie. Haven't posted in awhile. I don't always have access to a computer. That's why. The trip is going well, but it...

White Pocket

Apologies in advance for all the photos in this post. And no, the title is not meant to suggest that what follows is an analysis of the...

Mutts and Mormons

It’s been a while since our last post. We’ve been busy hiking, driving, eating and forcing ourselves to chat with strangers. Peyton’s...


I met someone. He's really cute. His name is Racer. He lives in a hotel and gets to walk around the lobby and meet everyone. I had to...

Woof Woof

Note: Charlie requested an opportunity to provide some of her own observations and ruminations. WTF is going on here? Where are they...

Charlie Goes to Mexico

Not to be confused with the title of an It's Always Sunny episode, this is about Charlie's escapades in Big Bend Texas. After driving...

Charlie Goes Camping

Granted, after Charlie's first luxury hotel experience in San Antonio -- with its 16th floor views, doting hotel staff, and exhilarating...

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