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Woof Woof

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Note: Charlie requested an opportunity to provide some of her own observations and ruminations.

WTF is going on here? Where are they taking me? Are we going to die? Whoa -- why is everything shaking? (her first ever trip in an elevator)

It now occurs to me I've led a sheltered life. I can't really explain what I'm seeing but it's blowing my fucking mind.

Yes I love camping, can't you tell? Oh brother.

I guess camping's not so bad after all heh heh heh (burp).

Weird dogs in these parts. That's some ugly shit out there.

We're lost. We're lost! WE'RE LOST!!!

Way overrated.

Hmmm, it's tempting...

I love Papa so much I love him I love him I love him

There is so much salt on her face I just love licking it. I think she just had lunch.

I love snow - why'd they bring me to the frickin desert?

Is there such a thing as an Amber Alert for dogs? HELP!!!

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