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Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Hey, it's me, Charlie. Haven't posted in awhile. I don't always have access to a computer. That's why. The trip is going well, but it hasn't always been easy. Sure it's been fun -- lots of hikes, regular meals, good scenery. Yeah, it's ok...

But dagnammit! every time I try to make new friends we pick up stakes and move on. How am I supposed to develop lasting relationships? I've already posted about Racer. I barely remember him now. Then there is Bella. She came around all the time when we were in Cañones, but my parents never let me go out to play after dark. We had fun. She often brought other friends around. I miss her now.

There have been so many others I can't count. Same story. Just when I think we're getting close, we have to hit the road again. Because time is short I find myself trying too hard to be what they want me to be, instead of just being myself. I worry that I will never truly know intimacy. It scares me.

We're supposed to be looking for America, but what are we supposed to do when we find it? It's in Kanab btw. That's where we were treated as equals. We had our own hotels. With our own beds. In our own rooms. Even our own spa.

Cool artwork. And everyone gave me treats.

But even there we didn't stop long enough to truly understand America. I know I'm sounding a bit down. It's been a long trip. I miss my friends back home like Max and Stanley, Jubilee, Tulip, Indie, even Bo. I'll snap out of it. Just a little blue I guess.

They tell me that when we reach Montana I'm going to meet Jussi, a boy chocolate lab my same exact age! We are going to be spending a week together. What an exotic name. But I'm nervous. Will he like me for who I really am?

Photo credit: Emily

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