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Here Goes Nothing!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

OK before I gave this post this title I wanted to be sure of its meaning. From the English Idioms & Slang Dictionary: I am going to take a risk, and I have no idea whether it will succeed. Other less generous takes suggest a more pessimistic view -- we are going to try but don't expect to succeed,

But another perspective on Nothing is the English proverb dating back to the fourteenth century (Chaucer): 'nothing ventured, nothing gained.' We have to keep reminding ourselves these days of the upside. It is February, it is dark, it is cold. We are soon to begin driving for days on end, stopping only occasionally at Covid-infested rest areas to take a dump or find a bite to eat.

And what are the gains to be had? We have a vague idea as we've listed elsewhere on this site, but in truth the gains will remain a mystery until they present themselves. That, I guess, is what makes it an adventure.

We're off! Here goes.....

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Feb 17, 2022

Got a text from Charlie, she said she’s cautiously optimistic that she’ll enjoy the trip.


Feb 13, 2022

Wishing Charlie and her 2 humble human companions only the very best adventures!


Feb 13, 2022

Love this. Very humble. I’m all for dogs but this is bigger than a dog.

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