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Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

As we approached Santa Fe I kept humming "Do you Know the Way to Sante Fe" by Dionne Warwick, and then I started singing it. And then Amy told me the correct title: Do You Know the Way to San Jose. Oh well. It worked anyway.

We were in high spirits after stopping for lunch, on the way from Sedona, at Sandstone Bluffs in the El Malpais National Monument. Sandstone cliffs tower over a field of lava -- early Spanish explorers named the area for its desolate lava fields ('el malpais' is Spanish for 'the badlands') -- offering a unique vista. Part of the lava field, incidentally, was used for aerial bombing practice during WWII.

Our first meal in Santa Fe, after a late arrival, was a take-out taco place called Bumble Bee only a block away. It had a drive-in line, like a Wendy's, where you could "Buzz In", order in your car, and pick up at the drive-in window. We ordered online and walked up. In 10 minutes we had a very decent Mexican meal.

Our VRBO was centrally located near the historic section of Santa Fe, allowing for interesting dog walks (and people walks) every day.

We were a block away from the Georgia O'Keefe Museum.

And great to re-connect with old friends.

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