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Boulder Flats

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

For me Boulder CO has always been one of those cool places I'd want to visit if ever I had free time and happened to be traveling aimlessly around the West. It's also a place where Emily lived briefly with Rohan during the dark days of Covid, when millennials were exiled to remote locations to work so they wouldn't kill their parents. (With the disease that is).

So with delight we traveled to boulder after Aspen/Snowmass with Emily and Rohan as our guides. Friday night Amy and I had tickets to see Sierra Ferrell at the Fox Theater (more on that below). We had dinner with Emily and Rohan beforehand, and they ended up going to see the MarchFourth Marching Band at Boulder Theater. Saturday we had the whole day to explore the city, and Emily was so excited about showing us around.

Waking up a bit later than usual on Saturday I took Charlie out for her morning walk around 8am. Passing the truck I saw what I thought was a piece of straw in the tread. On closer inspection the straw was metal, and it was sticking into the sidewall. I pulled it out and air started streaming out of the tire. The day (Emily's day!) -- in fact the whole dang trip -- was fizzing away as I stared at the hissing tire. My finger on the hole was useless so I carefully tried to reinsert the nail without causing further damage.

It worked! Scrambled to find a tire store open on a Saturday. Pushed the nail in deeper so the tire was drivable. And somehow, to our amazement, we were able to get two new tires in the time it took to order breakfast at Moe's Bagels, which was next door to Discount Tire. Catastrophe averted...

Our activity of choice during the day was of course a hike. We decided on the Skunk Canyon and Kohler Mesa Loop under the towering, iconic Flatiron mountains. It had snowed two nights prior so the trails were muddy but the sun was out and we had a beautiful spring day. Charlie was in her element, rolling in snow and then rolling in mud.

The hike was beautiful: grassy hills, ponderosa pine forests, beautiful views of the snowy mountains and cityscape below. After the hike we had drinks and dinner with Emily and Rohan at the Hotel Boulderado, which could have been a set for an old western movie. Gelato on the walk home, and a day that could have been a disaster was far from it. A very memorable time in Boulder!

Some Sierra Ferrell music to remember Boulder:

Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (Flatt and Scruggs)

Whispering Waltz

And of course some music to guide our journey:

Lonesome Feeling

It's a lonesome feeling when you're traveling

Down a lonesome road down a lonesome road

Nobody cares a thing about you

It's a heavy load, it's a heavy load.

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