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2 Years Late...

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We planned a cross-country trip in 2020 that got delayed first by our need to take care of someone (more on that later), and then by Covid. We are ready to go now even though Omicron is still spreading rapidly, although with a more moderate mortal impact. The coast is clearing! (20 years from now someone is going to come across this and laugh at our naivete -- "haha they had no idea what was coming next!")

Our goals: see, experience parts of the country we haven't yet; be outside; find purpose in our lives in their closing acts (ie outside the part where we devote ourselves to our kids' happiness); find adventure; enjoy music and art; fish. Oh, and hang with Charlie (she/her), our 4+ yo chocolate lab.

Our (partial) equipment list: cap for truck bed, rack for cap, tent, camping chairs, sleeping bags and pads, camping blankets, soft dog crate, plastic storage bins, bicycle rack and 2 bikes, solar charger, camera, binoculars, propane stove and camping cookware, fishing gear, x-c skis, snowshoes, yoga mats, first aid kit, first aid kit for active dogs (thanks Orvis), 2 indestructible 5-gal water jugs, and a crate of masks and Covid tests.

Our (preliminary) route: New Orleans, San Antonio, Silver City, Sedona, Santa Fe, Taos, Snowmass, Boulder, Moab, Kanab, Ketchum, Bend, Seattle, Helena, Badlands. If you noticed an uptick in AirBnB, VRBO or REI stock prices lately, you now know why. Also leaning on HipCamp, Dyrt, AllTrails, BringFido and many more.

Photo credit goes to our daughter Emily. Note the open liquor cabinet to the right...

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