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Our travels with Charlie

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The Goslings of Oregon

My mother used to love to visit the families of Canadian geese paddling in the marshes at the Cranberry Bog in Carlisle. She marveled at...

The Land in Cañones

After the rumble tumble of Durango's saloons we decided to head for the hills, back to New Mexico. We ended up at a unique retreat in...

The Rock Art of Hidden Valley

North-south highway 191, which runs through Moab UT, is bordered to the west by red cliffs that extend for miles. On our last day in...

Boulder Flats

For me Boulder CO has always been one of those cool places I'd want to visit if ever I had free time and happened to be traveling...

Do You Know the Way to Santa Fe

As we approached Santa Fe I kept humming "Do you Know the Way to Sante Fe" by Dionne Warwick, and then I started singing it. And then...

City of New Orleans

We spent two days in New Orleans. I had never been before and Brose’s only experience of the place was an alcohol-sodden Mardi Gras...

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